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NSFW! Viral Video of Dudes Eating Ass at EDM Music Festival

WARNING! If you’re at work or at uni, you might want to take a quick toilet break so that you can watch these videos. Unless you want people walking past you to think you like to work or study ‘hard’, like this guy who got caught below?

Filmed just recently, at Lost Lands music festival in Ohio, U.S.A., it seems a couple of festival punters were really feelin’ the awesome beats and just couldn’t wait to get down and dirty. Brace yourselves to see a very consenting female, going commando and casually grinding her ass onto two, very obliging guys’ faces. Footage is shot clearly, in full daylight and it’s smiles and high fives all around! This video is 110% real and verified. Yep, these guys were hungry, eating ass and this actually happened…

We are just left with one question, what song is playing in the background?


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Photo: Lost Lands music festival