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EDC Las Vegas changes are here- and they’re MASSIVE!

Unless you’ve been living under a dark, joyless, music-proofed rock for the last few years, then you’ll have probably heard of the world’s flagship electronic dance music festival – the magical, otherworldly and honestly guys, ridiculously good- Electric Daisy Carnival. Now we’re guessing that most of you are reading this because you live and breathe electronic music, some of you might have even just got back from this year’s installment, but for those who don’t and are looking for a little insight, welcome to EDC 101.

First and foremost, it’s big. We’ve seen big before and trust us, this festival is big in every sense of the word! Think Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival had a baby and it found its way into a pyrotechnics factory, then supersize that, then you’ll have an idea of the scale of EDC. With individual stages alone costing upwards of a million dollars to erect and attendance each year at well over 100,000 each day, crossing the threshold of the Las Vegas Speedway where the event takes place can feel like walking into a fully functioning, laser-filled, sonic city.

When we call The Electric Daisy Carnival big, we don’t just mean size wise either. Over the last 10 years, some of the world’s titan’s of dance music have featured on the line-up, showcasing everything from EDM to drum and bass and techno. With world renowned headliners like Afrojack, Major Lazer, Avicci and Calvin Harris and too many others having played in the past, you can expect the crème de la crème of electronic dance music to feature every year.

Now that we’ve got your attention, you party-loving little festival goers, we want to tell you what we’re really excited about. Legendary music mogul and head honcho of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, has just announced via his social media channels some frankly mind-blowingly exciting changes to the festival that are going to take effect next year. Vegas is a hot place at the best of times and the June dates have meant that EDC attendees are enduring temperatures of over 40 degrees during the day. To combat this, most of the festival takes place at night, however this has also created major traffic issues, with everyone entering and leaving the festival at the same time. Like any festival that cares about its people, The Electric Daisy Carnival has been working on a solution to these problems and Rotella has without a doubt, catapulted the event into a new sphere of awesomeness that we didn’t think was possible.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 will take place on the new dates of May 18 – 20, which means that temperatures will be cooler and the opening hours will change to start earlier. Rotella has promised an opening ceremony, which we will definitely be attending!  Next years event will also provide the option of camping. That’s right, EDC camping – space for tents, RV’s, wigwams, you name it – so that people will be able to wake up in the action and avoid having to commute in and out of the festival each day, further reducing traffic complaints. Last but not least, Insomniac Events has also handed over the management of the shuttle and transport system to an independent company that handles and organizes some of the biggest events in the country. This combined with the recent addition of an extra lane on the Speedway means that those who aren’t camping will enjoy much faster entrances and exits the festival each day.

So if you’ve got even the slightest chance to go in 2018, then dropping everything and buying tickets should be your Plan A, B and C! We have planned an epic tour through Vegas featuring the festival, so if you want to join us, follow this link to find out more! http://sweattours.com/festival/electric-daisy-carnival/

Written by Nicolas Gordon