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Fuji Rock Festival baby!

Sure, it’s almost summer, the sun’s shining and life is good but – killjoy alert – it’s over in a flash, and suddenly everyone’s bitching about winter again.

Instead of dreading it, give yourself something to look forward to and book the adventure of a lifetime for next July. Invite your mates and become a legend or leave them behind with a brutal case of FOMO.

I’m talking robot shows, sake fuelled karaoke, bar crawls and big league baseball. Any ideas? How about a bullet train, geishas and the biggest music festival in Asia– Fuji Rock!

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The Warm-up – Go big or go home

If you haven’t been to Japan, then you haven’t lived. A brain tangling mix of old world tradition and a vibrant music scene puts partying in Tokyo on every bucket list. It’s not for the fainthearted though!

Our Fuji Rock festival package doesn’t just cover three days at the festival and one hell of a pre-party. We start off with a fast paced, action packed packet 4-day tour of Toyko. We hand-picked a crazy itinerary, stuffed with sightseeing, socialising and some serious boozing.

After seeing things you will never forget (and some you can never repeat), making new mates and living it up like a rockstar, it’s time for the main event. No hitchhiking here, we jump on the famous Shinkansen bullet train that hurtles you towards the venue at 360km per hour. We don’t do things by halves!

Fuji Rock, Fuji Rock Tour, Fuji Rock festival

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

The Highlight – Time to rock your world!

Fuji Rock has gained notoriety as the most diverse and eclectic festival on the calendar, and it’s on every die-hard festival goers list. Only ten years in, and already up there with some of the big hitters on the festival circuit. Showcasing over 200 artists including some massive headline acts; Gorillaz, Björk, LCD Soundsystem, Major Lazer, Lorde, just to name just a few.

Located in the Neaba Ski Resort, the environmentally friendly event is an orgasm of epic tunes, light shows and art installations against the spectacular backdrop of the mountains and ancient forests. To say it’s a big festival is an understatement; with 14 stages across the mountain, you literally need to ride a gondola to get around.

Fuji Rock, Fuji Rock festival, Fuji Rock tour

The PracticalitiesFlights and funds

As if it couldn’t get any better, flights are dirty cheap at the moment. Even the airlines want you to grab this opportunity with both hands and live your life to the full!

Grow some balls, be spontaneous and make the best decision of your life. Short on funds? Aren’t we all. Use your overdraft, put a kidney on the black market or maybe sell your granny.* Book your tickets now – I swear you won’t regret it!

乾杯 Kanpai! (Cheers!)

*We don’t actually condone the sale of relatives or organs for festival tickets, so we offer a sweet payment plan instead.

Fuji Rock Festival, Fuji Rock, Fuji Rock tour 

For more info regarding our tour through Tokyo, ft. Fuji Rock Music Festival, check out our website.

Written by Kim Wilson

Photos: Diago Yamamoto