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Let’s hear it for New York!

The Big Apple. Gotham. The Centre of the Universe. It’s got many names but the best city on the East Coast of America needs no introduction. The city is fast-paced, urban and boisterous, just like its music scene….

Road to Ultra Australia lineup


Ultra Music Festival has just dropped their first-ever EDM lineup for Australia and it’s a banger! The festival is set to hit Melbourne on February 24, 2018 at Sidney Myer Music Bowl and is a single-stage, one day…

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Fuji Rock Festival baby!

Sure, it’s almost summer, the sun’s shining and life is good but – killjoy alert – it’s over in a flash, and suddenly everyone’s bitching about winter again. Instead of dreading it, give yourself something to look forward…

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NSFW! Viral Video of Dudes Eating Ass at EDM Music Festival

WARNING! If you’re at work or at uni, you might want to take a quick toilet break so that you can watch these videos. Unless you want people walking past you to think you like to work or…

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Would You Rather? || Festival Edition

Unfortunately this weekend I made the hideous mistake of watching the film ‘Would You Rather?’ It’s pretty grim. You know the drill, out of two unappealing options, which would you pick? Would you rather have to watch your parents have…

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Top tips for festival first-timers

Everyone remembers their first time. It was exciting and a bit scary, there were limbs everywhere and yeah, it got messy, but it was special. Oh, and you shared it with thousands of other people! We’re talking about…

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Governors Ball 2018 Dates || Previous Lineups

*BREAKING* We have been eagerly awaiting to hear from our favourite music festival on the East Coast for months now- and the time has finally come! Although there hasn’t been an official announcment yet, Governors Ball Music Festival have just…

EDC update

EDC Las Vegas 2018 important update!

With EDC Las Vegas tickets going on sale later this week, Pasquale Rotella (head-honcho at Insomniac Events), has just posted an important update to his various social media pages:   “Headliners, this is the week! I want to…

Reasons to visit Vegas

10 reasons to visit Vegas

Livin’ La Vida Vegas So you think you have lived life to the full? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself a few very important questions: • Where is it totally acceptable to smash bottomless cocktails for breakfast? •…