Reasons why YOU should travel to a music festival with us!

We all get FOMO and a little jealous when our friends post their holiday pics online. Seeing them check-in poolside while you’re on the way to work or uni is particularly disheartening! With so many Aussie music festivals cancelled recently, it’s also hella depressing to see all those alluring lineup announcements and live-streams from festivals beyond our shores. So why don’t you stop scrolling your feeds, grab your suitcase and have a f*cking AWESOME time on one of our tours instead?

Feeling lazy or don’t have the time to organize a trip away? That’s ok, because we have a hankering for killer live music and travel, so we’ve already done all of the hard work for you! All Sweat Tours packages have been meticulously customised to showcase the best of each city, while attending the hottest festivals around the globe. Tours include all accommodation, transportation- including to and from the music festival, sightseeing, exclusive parties & bar crawls, PLUS loads of meals at iconic restaurants. We also know how difficult it can be get your hands on that sweet festival wristband, so we’ve included festival passes in all our tour packages as well.

Stressed about language or cultural barriers? Don’t be! Our guides are experienced AF and have a wealth of local knowledge and insight. If our trips still don’t sound sufficiently hassle-free, we can even organize your flights and travel insurance with the help of our friends at STA Travel.

Can’t convince any of your friends to travel with you (or don’t have any)? No worries! We understand that solo travelling isn’t for everyone, and can feel lonely and even a little bit unsafe at times. All our tours are designed in a group setting to encourage friendships & comradery, whilst still providing plenty of free time for you to also do your own thing.

If it’s the $$$ that you’re worried about, why not book with us using our payment plan options? They are extremely flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. We also have access to sikk group deals, so that means more cash stays in your pocket for important things like alcohol or shopping…

You’re guaranteed good times with fellow music and travel lovers and you’ll cherish the experiences you’ll have while travelling with us forever! So what are you waiting for? Ditch your FOMO & join us in 2018-we can’t wait!


Written by Eli Akerlund