Reasons to visit Vegas

10 reasons to visit Vegas

Livin’ La Vida Vegas

So you think you have lived life to the full? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself a few very important questions:
• Where is it totally acceptable to smash bottomless cocktails for breakfast?
• Where can I turn $1 into $1,000,000?
• Where can I get married by Elvis at a drive-through chapel, witnessed by a couple of strangers?

You got it; we’re talking bright lights and betting chips in the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas baby!

Love it or hate it, Sin City is the entertainment capital of the world. That crazy little strip out in the Nevada desert was designed purely for your hedonistic pleasure. A rare chance to live it up with the high rollers in a city where your every whim is catered to.

I don’t know why you need any more convincing (I was sold on breakfast cocktails) but check out these 10 reasons to visit Vegas with us right now:

1. The Buzz – from the hype on the casino floor to the throbbing strip, Vegas is alive! The buzz of luxury, excitement and money hits you the second you set foot on Vegas soil. Feel the energy surge through your veins and buckle up for the ride of your life.

2. Place your bets – on anything. Back a big fight or try your luck at a roulette wheel. Place a bet high enough to make your butt hole clench – and roll with it. Prepare to either celebrate or commiserate!

3. The clichés – yep, the stereotypes you heard about Vegas are true. Hotels and casinos of breathtaking opulence and a pulsating strip full of parties and limos. From replica cities to dramatic performances, every venue tries to outdo the others, purely for your entertainment. A white chapel wedding isn’t mandatory but hey, why the hell not?

4. The Bellagio fountains –it’s worth flying thousands of miles just to watch those 1,200 fountains soaring into the skyline in a musical crescendo. Magical and weirdly emotional. Check out this collab with Tiësto:

5. Jazz hands baby – Vegas shows give Broadway a run for its money, and there’s something for everyone. No expense is spared on the vast and extravagant productions, from musicals to magicians and tributes to circus acts, or even a cheeky adult show – what takes your fancy? Our tour through Vegas includes your tickets to Cirque du Soleil.

6. A biology lesson–forget what you’ve seen on the Internet, there are strip shows in Vegas that will teach you a lesson or two about the human body.

Reasons to visit Vegas

7. Feasting like a king – everything in Sin City is bigger and better…including the steaks! Embrace the sin of gluttony, whether it’s at an all you can eat buffet, or one of the many high-end eateries. On our tour through Vegas, we have included all your buffet breakfasts and our welcome dinner comes with a view to die for!

8. Taking it to the next stratosphere – one for you adrenaline junkies. The best way to see the bright lights of Vegas is from above, from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere observation tower. Gaze over roaring beast of the city before taking the bungee plunge – I dare you!

9. Pool parties – Vegas pool parties are EPIC- especially during EDC week! The sun is shining, headlining DJs perform all day long and drinks are flowing. We hit up Wet Republic in 2017 and can’t wait to go back in 2018!

Reasons to visit Vegas

10. YOLO – if you’re taking on Vegas then do it while you’re young, fit and crazy enough to survive a bender of epic proportions. The city never sleeps so why should you? The longer you delay the adventure then the more chance there is that either the hangover or a lapdance will finish you off (although the latter isn’t the worst way to go!)

There’s nothing left to say, book your tickets and get ready to take that iconic photo with the Vegas sign. Bookings are now open for our tour through this crazy city, ft. Electronic Daisy Carnival. Guaranteed to be the wildest week of your life!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


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Written by Kim Wilson